Xi Wang. The Other Homeland

Fondart Bicentennial project for the creation of excellence awarded by the Council for Culture and the Arts 2007, was born from the need to tell how hundreds of Chinese citizens came to our lands, in search of a better future and who, nevertheless, are with a different reality, in which they are treated in sub-human conditions and on the brink of slavery, assuming extreme work tasks such as guano extraction, on cliffs on the coastal edge and islands in this area.


Lu Qian escapes from his slave work, entering an unknown desert. In the middle of this nightmare, he intends to end his life, but his attempt is frustrated by the strange appearance of a Jester from the Chinese opera, a character who will meet him whenever Qian needs to clarify his ideas.

The encounter with Admiral Patricio Lynch and his promises of freedom will make him broaden his vision of things. The encounter with Esperanza, a woman from the south of Chile who is looking for her missing husband without a trace, after joining the army, confronts him with love. And finally, the desert, which has gradually begun to seem less hostile and friendlier, will lead him to reflect on its origin, belonging and homeland.

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