2015: La Huella Teatro was part of the Antofagasta delegation at the Havana, Cuba Book Fair in February 2015. On that occasion, it carried out cultural exchange and theatrical workshops with the municipalities of “La Lisa” and “Regla” of the Havana. It presented an excerpt from its work Chajnantor, “Shamán” in multicultural stages, and presented PARTIR performance in the famous space “Fábrica de Arte Cubano”.FAC.


2014 La Huella Teatro is invited to Aranwa Raymi Festival, Ecuador, Selva Lago Agrio to give workshops and talk at the Lago Agrio Cultural Center / June 2014.


2010: Alejandra Rojas, Director of La Huella Teatro invited to the International Workshop on Anthropological Theater with Peruvian Cultural Group Yuyachkani. Lima. Peru.

2015: La Huella Teatro is invited to Sala de Parto (Delivery Room) Festival LIMA / PERU with PARTIR performance, with La Huella Teatro.

2018: Regional Fondart “La Huella Teatro in Lima: Circulation of Wukong performance at Sede Yuyachkani and Expository talk”.


2015: Presentation of Partir performance in Buenos Aires at International Festival FETI, Efimero Theater Festival