La Huella Teatro is an independent and autonomous company, founded in the city of Antofagasta in the Atacama Desert in 2004 by the Actress and Director Alejandra Rojas, whose guidelines are the research, staging and performance of stories originating from different periods, with the common purpose of being identity forgers. Our Company seeks to facilitate access to the audience with limited resources to cultural activities and take the theater to places of difficult geographical access.

La Huella Teatro seeks to generate an anthropological study, as in each of our projects we want to rescue and recover the memory of our country, taking into our hands stories that have often incorporated native languages, such as Quechua language through dramatic texts and the theatrical art

We believe in a theater that recovers, researches and creates from there, becoming a real contribution to the cultural development of our country.



Alejandra Rojas / Director

Actress graduated from the Teatro Imagen School. She has participated in a large number of workshops abroad, most notably those conducted by the International School of Latin America and the Caribbean (Eitalc).

Founder of La Huella Teatro, a company that has based its work on anthropological and scenic research exploring different languages, she has directed more than 10 plays throughout her artistic career, among which are: “Xi Wang The Other Country”, “Chajnantor Look Back ”,“ Baile Ausente de un Arcángel”,“ Partir ”and“ Wukong the Great Journey of the Monkey King ”.

 In 2012, she was awarded by the Council of Culture and Arts the distinction “Linterna de Papel ” for her outstanding career in the Theater Direction and Cultural Management of the Antofagasta Region.


She is Founder and General Director of IDENTIDADES. International Festival of Performing Arts in the Atacama Desert, which had its first edition in 2015 and is held annually.

Romina Roa Ramírez / Technical Producer

Sound engineer by profession, studied at the AIEP professional institute in Santiago, graduated with honors in 2011.

It is in Santiago where she develops as a professional in the Chilevisión television channel where she is part of large productions in the different areas during the four years she worked in this television house. In 2015 she settled in the city of Antofagasta where she became independent and develops in the audiovisual medium or supporting different artists, either from the performing arts as visual artists. From 2016, she works as a technical producer in the field and tours of La Huella Teatro Antofagasta with which she has executed several projects of national and international circulation.

She is also a technical producer of IDENTIDADES International Festival of Performing Arts in the Atacama Desert.

Amarilis Rojas / Researcher, Playwriter and Actress

Graduated from the Acting School of the Teatro Imagen School, graduated in Scenic Studies from the Universidad Mayor.

She has worked as an actress from 1997 to the present, collaborating with different companies and directors. She has been trained in the field of acting through courses, workshops and seminars in Chile and abroad.

In 2000, she ventured into the Dramaturgy, in the workshop of the playwright Juan Radrigán. She has had courses, workshops and seminars on dramatic writing and film script in Chile and abroad. In dramaturgy with Marco Antonio de la Parra, Gabriel Calderón, Fernando Cuadra, Alejandro Sieveking, Mauricio Kartun, Rafael Spregelburd, among others. In cinematographic script at the ARCOS Institute in the Diploma of Cinematographic Script, with John Truby in the Anatomy of History seminar, in the La Toma Film School, and in the Soap Opera Script Writing Workshop on Channel 13 of Chile.  

As a playwriter she has released several of her works with the company La Huella Teatro: Bitchackma, or The trip to the Sea, Peso Pluma, Chajnantor Mirar hacia atrás, Baile Ausente de un Arcángel and Wukong, the great journey of the Monkey King. In 2017, she collaborates as a playwriter with the Swiss company Alternance Theater, with three monologues for the Patria-Kamikaze project. 

She has twice been awarded the 1st place in the dramaturgy category in the Gabriela Mistral Literary Games contest of the Municipality of Santiago de Chile with the works Las decapitadas (2003) and Pieza de Ratas (2017).

Franne Goic, Lighting Technician

Franne Goic Barra, Designer, Bachelor of Art Direction, founder of La Huella Teatro, has participated since 2004 with the company since the performance, as technical head participating in creative research tables together with La Huella Teatro.  She has also collaborated with artists from different areas in search of new languages and supports for the performing arts, mainly from the re-significance of everyday elements and the elaboration of mechanisms and technical elements that contribute to the narration from the visuality.

Lorena Álvarez, Responsible for Communications

Master in Social Communication and Education from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona. Journalist. Degree in Social Communication.

She is responsible for communications at Identidades International Festival of Performing Arts in the Atacama Desert and La Huella Teatro.

She has worked as director of communications for Identidades Festival since 2018. She is also in charge of the communications of the Liquenlab Network in Patagonia. She has directed the communications of the Festival of Performing Arts of Isla Negra FESTINE (2018), the international Festival of Street Theater FITKA (2016) and the Festival of arts Cielos del Infinito (2013-2018).

She currently directs Del Fuego, a communications studio for the arts, based in Chile and Spain.

During 2019, she also directed the Rimisp communications – Latin American Center for Rural Development. She has participated as an international programmer in festivals and performances in Mexico, the United States, Belgium, Spain, Holland, France, Argentina, Uruguay, among others.

As a cultural journalist she has worked at El Mercurio de Valparaíso, the Extension Center of the Ministry of Arts, Cultures and Heritage (CENTEX), at the Ictus Theater, the Latin American Theater El Corridor and the Inter-Community Network of Audience Formation in Santiago (RIFA)

Andrés Sánchez / Actor

Trained at the Image School of the director Gustavo Meza, recently  graduated from the theater school in 2008, he auditioned for the FONDART Bicentennial Project for Excellence with the play “Xi Wang, the other country”, where he got acquainted with the company La Huella Teatro and director Alejandra Rojas, who later invited him as a collaborator for other works such as “Chajnantor, look back” in 2012 and “Wukong, the great journey of the Monkey King” now with a leading role in 2017. He also ventured as director in 2010 with the play “LEGASPI, the seven capital sins” and in 2013 with the play “PERROS” (DOGS) MORI Theater. In between and currently he works in several roles in TV and Cinema, such as TVN’s La Tirana (Francisca Fuenzalida), se fue a los Cielos CHV (Andrés Wood), Amar y Morir (Alex Bohen) and lately El Príncipe (Sebastian Muñoz).

Ornella Rocco / Actress

Antofagastina actress graduated from the University of Chile with her thesis “History of the Theater Company of the University of Antofagasta and the figure of Angel Lattus in Antofagasta”, together with the actor Pablo López Leal. She is currently based in the Antofagasta region working as an actress, in creative and production work in the Company THEATER IN TIME OF WAR and in La HUELLA TEATRO. Recently she completed a training in Italy with Mario Barzagui and Rosalba Genovese, from Dell ’Albero Theater Company in Milan, and in Bolivia she participated in“El Camino del Danzante”directed by Elías Cohen on La Isla del Sol.

She has participated in many artistic creations in the Pedro de la Barra Theater and in collaboration with other creations

Valentina Escorza / Actress

She has worked with the company «Teatro dei Venti» Directed by Stefano Te, where she was trained by great masters such as Eugenio Barba, Mario Barzaghi, Roberta Carreri, Lebreton, Julia Varley, among others. There she got acquainted with theatrical anthropology, and physical theater, where political and social theater takes a fundamental role, thus performing street and theater performances, with tours in different countries such as “Fringe Festival” (Edinburgh, Scotland), Rome, Napole, Milano, Firenze, “Avignon Festival” France , Novi Sat, Serbia, among others.She also began her training as a teacher\instructor, teaching theater at “Il Centro di formazione Teatrale”, of the Teatro dei Venti, for 5 years, then continued her training of self-study following different teachers where she contacted the Latin American Peruvian company, »Yuyachkani», with whom she continued her learning, then when returning to Chile she worked with La Huella Teatro  company, with whom she performed different plays such as: “Chajnantor”, “Partir”, “Wukong, The Great Journey of monkey king ”, and conducted different seminars and workshops, theater and puppets for the community of northern Chile doing territory work in the altiplano, and the Antofagasta region. She made different tours such as “International Book Fair” Havana, Cuba, “Tranzaparenze festival” Modena, Italy, Rapa Nui, Santiago de Chile, among others. She is also part of the carnival school “Chinchintirapie”, where she directs the work of masks of the body of figurines, she works with the group “Racun Nómade”, performing the circus-theater work, “Interference”, with which she toured Germany, with performances in Studgartt, Essingler, following her self-training, she applied to the company «Cirque du Soleil» where she works as the protagonist of the Show “Joya”, a fixed show in Rivera Maya, Mexico, for two and a half years. During her second year in “Joya” she was invited to the Wetzlar theater festival in Germany to conduct two theatre workshops, during May 2019.

Carolina Urrutia / Actress

Actress graduated in arts from the University of Chile, yoga instructor graduated from the Chilean Academy and dancer and researcher of afro root dances. She has worked as an actress and performer, she has also done residencies at the Teatro de los Andes, for the staging of the theatrical short film “La duda”, and for a month in Cuba with the teacher Julia Fernández of the National Folk Ensemble in the dance studio of the orishas and the Rumba complex. Founder of the traveling company Teatro en Órbita doing the staging “Páramo” with whom she visits towns in the Chilean altiplano and then various festivals in Peru, Ecuador and Colombia. As a dancer she has developed in companies such as Fuera de lugar, a company focused on the research of unconventional spaces. Cumbiamé and Afro Mestizo both dedicated to the dances research with afro roots. She currently works as an actress for La Huella Teatro as part of the stable cast.

Julio Hotus / Rapa Nui Researcher and Cultural Manager

Cultural manager of Rapa Nui origin, currently in charge of the research and production area of La Huella Teatro in Rapa Nui from 2007 to date. He has been part of different projects linked to the connection of Rapanui with the performing arts, from being part of the research team, cultural advisor and as a logistics producer. On the other hand, he is an advisor to various artistic activities linked to culture and education in Rapa Nui. Musician and great connoisseur of its Culture he has participated both in Chile and abroad as an exhibitor in various events, cultural encounters and concerts, making known the Culture of his Island and his testimony in documentaries and in various publications (Essays, articles and Research books on Easter Island). 

Pedro Celedón / Researcher

Doctor in History of Contemporary Art, Universidad Complutense of Madrid, Spain. He has participated in creations of Teatro Gusarapos (Madrid). Théâtre du Soleil and Clepsyla Théâtre. (France). 

He wrote the book “La Huella Teatro 10 years “

Theater of Silence, Dome Theater. He is currently a collaborator of La Huella Teatro y Teatro cinema (Chile), Advisor to the Mestiza International Women’s Theater Festival (Red Magdalena. Odin Teatret), Full Professor at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and Universidad Finís Terrae.

Publications in Chile, Cuba, Belgium, Spain, France, Mexico, Uruguay.

Alejandro Miranda / Musician

Musical composer, graduated in arts with mention in sound and master in arts with mention in musicology with higher studies at the University of Chile, at the Latin American Center for Theater Creation and Research in Buenos Aires and with the teacher Michel Chion, he has specialized in music and sound design for performing and audiovisual arts.

Since 1991 he has made the composition and musical production for more than 180 professional theatrical works in Chile and abroad with directors such as Ramón Griffero, Fernando Gonzalez, Raúl Osorio, Alfredo Castro, Andrés Céspedes, Alejandro Quintana, Paulina García, among others and as a musician audiovisual for various film and television productions.

He is a professor in undergraduate and postgraduate university teaching at numerous universities such as Universidad Mayor, Universidad de Chile, Universidad de las Américas, Universidad del Pacífico specializing in the areas of sound dramaturgy, music for theater and dance, staging, music for film and advertising, audition and analysis, foley, sound, space music 

As a musicological researcher, he performs patrimonial rescue of the musical legacy of ancestral cultures of Chile in conjunction with the Department of Anthropology of the Universidad de Chile.

In 2011, he joined La Huella Teatro as a musicologist and music composer, creating “Xi Wang: The Other Homeland” and “Baile Ausente de un Arcángel”.

Cristian Arce / Web Media

Computer engineer and graphic designer always linked to the world of art and theater, having graduated from the Escuela de Desarrollo Artístico F-60 in Antofagasta. He currently works as a designer, photographer and cameraman for national and international productions with his company Digital Monkeys.

From 2019, he is in charge of the web services used by the Identidades Festival and La Huella Teatro.