Research: Mana, Distant Possession


The need to carry out this process of Stage – anthropological research of the Rapa Nui culture, which will constitute the initial stage of practical and theoretical study of the next creation of La Huella Teatro, which is titled, “Mana: Distant Possession”, responds to a guideline of the company that establishes in each of its creations a prior research process, regarding the thematic content, the visual and performative language of the staging, and which means a mark in its work methodology developed in 14 years of history.

Each stage proposal is framed in the practice of the Anthropological Theater, where each stage construction does not mean the composition of an isolated project, but responds to a discursive unit according to what it proposes.

 Valeriano Bozal, by embracing the concept of the Art Project, as the development of an aesthetic structure that displays internal logics that articulate particular characteristics and that work together. These particularities refer to a Research process articulated around: Territory – Memory – Body – Incarnation and Context.

This is an excerpt of the work that La Huella Teatro is currently doing in Rapa Nui, this research will end in September 2018.