Research: Chinese Immigration in the North of Chile

The challenge was huge: I had to make a synthesis of the History of China and the destiny that awaited those who ventured to come to these latitudes.

I must admit that it was a difficult task. If the territory of China is a large continent that stretches across Southeast Asia, the story starts from mythical times to the installation of a socialist regime. Almost immeasurable times.

In the following pages I offer an attempt at synthesis and I ask for the kind understanding of my readers.

I also wish to point out that the customs described are not current and that they are closer to those that existed in the 19th and 20th centuries. But there is an explanation: the life of the hero of this work occurs mainly in those times.

The chapters corresponding to the treatment that Chinese immigrants had in Peru and Chile touched my soul and broke my spirit. Perhaps no human group ever received such cruel treatment, only comparable to that suffered by black slaves.

The Pacific War meant liberation for them. It was not free. They earned it on the battlefield.

I hope I have responded, in part, to the initial challenge.

Antofagasta, spring 2008