Research: Chajnantor Look Back

A research carried out on the archaeological findings referring to the mummification of the Chinchorro and Lican Antai Cultures, is a contemporary vision of the Andean worldview, which as a play offers a look of respect towards the native peoples.

What our ancestors considered sacred, will be destroyed with laughter and without secrecy by the claws of evil animals? There is no correct answer and ours is an invitation to reflection. A country that does not look back has no memory. And without memory … a people cannot progress.

This research was carried out by La Huella Teatro in the years 2010 – 2011 where it had the advice of the Archaeologist Agustín Llagostera and Bernardo Arriaza

The source bibliography: “The Old Desalting Inhabitants of Atacama” by Agustín Llagostera and “Chinchorro Culture, The Oldest Mummies in the World” by Bernardo Arriaza.