Research: Baile Ausente de un Arcángel


YEAR: 2010- 2011-2012

Syncretism of the Andean World and the Promising World

Location: Ayquina 76 km away from the city of Calama

Object of Research:

1.- Virgin of Guadalupe de Ayquina Festivity, from September 6 to 9, 2010

2.- Ayquina Festival, December 11 and 12, 2010

 Research Team:

• La Huella Teatro Company

• Sociologist and Anthropologist: Bernardo Guerrero

• Promesante World Researcher: Nelly Lemus

• Anthropologist: Domingo Gómez Parra

Towards the Search for the Promesante and the Andean…. 

The desert is an indomitable corner, friend and mortal enemy, capable of impregnating our minds with icons that obsess and persecute us until adulthood. The religious festivals are part of these imaginary, virgins, patron saints and hidden villages that awaken on certain dates in an unimaginable way, gathering thousands of devotees every year, raising the questions… Why? How? For what?

 Assuming the metaphysical philosophy that divides human beings into body, mind and spirit, we can presume that societies are divided into three planes to consolidate themselves as unique entities, with unrepeatable and particular features. That is, a group can be divided into infrastructure, organization, and beliefs. So, to build ourselves as a society, it is not enough with regard to material heritage or dates of foundations and settlements. It is also essential to know what moves our spirits and that of our ancestors, creating in this way an indelible bond that makes us one, as if this invisible tie unites us to the earth in an absolute way.

 La Huella Teatro carried out this research between 2010 – 2011- 2012

The complete paper of this research is property of La Huella Teatro.

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