The La Huella Teatro Company made a successful tour along the south of Chile, presenting their play “Wukong. The great journey of the Monkey King ”in the Amphitheater of Fine Arts in Santiago, in Liquén Cultural Center of Villarrica and in the New Biobío Theater in Concepción achieving a great reception from the public in what was its first adventure through southern lands thanks to the financing of the National Fund for Cultural Development and the Arts, National Fondart, National Circulation line, beyond the extreme experience of having presented in 2013 in Punta Arenas within the framework of the Festival Cielos del Infinito, with its play “Baile Ausente de un Arcángel”.

“As a summary of the tour, it was very important that La Huella Teatro reached the south because that expands the national border of the circulation that we can do as a company,” says director Alejandra Rojas. 

The performances at the Amphitheater Bellas Artes took place on April 5 and 6 for both the general public and schoolchildren, with a total attendance of about 600 people during the two days, also, in a very special place in the history of the work, since according to Alejandra “In the amphitheater, the creation was born with the artistic residence that gave birth to Wukong, so it is always pleasant to return to the place that welcomed you, in addition to strengthening the network ties we have with the Viaje Inmóvil company ”.

In addition, during its stay in Santiago, on April 4, the company held the expository talk “From research to the scene” at the Teatro Image School, attended by first and third year acting students, with whom a moment of dialogue, reflection was generated, which for them was super important to see how a research process for Theater can be carried out.   

Villarrica was the second stop, where both the performances as well as the talk were held at the Liquén Cultural Center, a space that is already a cultural reference within the territory. For Alejandra “it was very interesting to go to the Liquén Cultural Center, a powerful center which has a brand of having a loyal audience and that is vital. We had a performance packed with more than 430 people in the performances for schoolchildren and the general public, where we had a very good response from them and where the family enjoyed the Lion Kung which was very important, we also made stage presentations and the talk near the lake where a very interesting dialogue was established with the community, ”said the director. 

Finally, the new Biobío Theater in Concepción was the third and last station, where Wukong once again captivated the Penquista family, in this regard Alejandra points out that “Concepción was incredible, we had a very good reception from the team of the new Biobío Theater, and we had a presentation in the square with our Lion. It was a very nice encounter with the people of Concepción, with an almost full house of about 1,100 people where the people followed the rhythms of the drum as a totally fused audience; I believe that the penquista family together with their children enjoyed the play”.

In summary, La Huella Teatro made its first scenic conquest in southern Chile, which for Alejandra was a small conquest because “we think it wasn´t enough but from now on we will be able to travel again to continue to meet new realities, which was very important for the company, to be able to circulate nationwide and with a family performance that gave some children their first experience in the Theater, so we were happy to provide a pleasant moment to the family, to provide Theater, Culture and to expand our borders and expand our audiences as a theater company ”.

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