• The renowned company had performances in Lima on March 10 and 11, at the Casa Yuyachkani room, full theatre, with its most recent creation called Wukong, The Great Journey of the Monkey King, thanks to financing from the National Fund for Cultural Development and Arts, Regional Fondart, International Circulation line, belonging to the current Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage.
  • Also, on Friday March 9, the group offered a talk entitled “From the research to the scene”, where they exposed about their research processes in the field and their relationship with creative action.

La Huella Teatro made its mark in Peru 

The antofagastine company made a successful visit to Lima with its Wukong work, The Great Journey of the Monkey King, a colorful and musical show for the whole family that is inspired by the jester of the Beijing opera and the dance of the Chinese Lion, where they filled the Casa Yuyachkani room in both functions, adding a figure close to 400 attendees in total.

The staging was able to reach Peru thanks to financing from the National Fund for Cultural Development and the Arts, Fondart Regional, the International Circulation line belonging to the current Ministry of Cultures, Arts and Heritage, which allowed the company to show its work and share their experience of almost 15 years of scenic research through a free expository talk entitled “From research to the scene”, where they presented about their field research processes and their relationship with stage creation in all its dimensions.

Alejandra Rojas points out that “we returned pleased and very grateful for the reception by the Peruvian family and the children who enjoyed the play, and by all who attended to share in the talks. In addition, it was a very interesting encounter since there is a lot of Chinese immigration in Lima, which made the experience of presenting a work like Wukong richer ”.

Regarding the talks, Alejandra added that “we wanted to show that we are a company that works mainly in research, that does a stage research work, and that we go through that work with real stories, with plastic, with archaeological and anthropological topics that have to do with memory, religious festivities, for example, respect for those who were here yesterday, and we thought it was important to include them in this tour to account for that work”.

This tour to Peru also had the support of the Chilean Embassy in Peru and the Yuyachkani Cultural Association, with whom La Huella Teatro has a collaborative alliance and cultural exchange.

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