This year La Huella Teatro is 15 years old. 15 years of creation and cultural management in the wide territory of the Atacama Desert. 15 years of building a company, in times when working as a collective seems like an achievement for a few. That´s  why the group led by the antofagastina actress Alejandra Rojas, also director of Identidades Festival, the Atacama Desert performing arts festival, announced that La Huella Teatro will celebrate this new cycle with three days of diverse programming for the community, which year after year stands by the group.

“La Huella teatro has always observed the territory … after celebrating its 10th anniversary with a looking back repertoire. Today we want to celebrate these 15 years with new challenges, which give meaning to our daily theatrical work,” explains Alejandra Rojas, director of La Huella teatro. “And today, from this present and looking to the future, we have opted for a celebration based on these three concepts: territory, research and creation,” she added. 

Three days of celebration

There will be three days of celebration, which will allow the public of Antofagasta and surroundings to be part of this encounter that begins on Tuesday, July 23 (8:00 p.m.) with the premiere of an audiovisual documentary produced by La Huella Teatro. It is «Mana, Distant Possession«, a film based on the anthropological scenic research carried out by the team of artists in Rapa Nui during 2018.“ Mana, distant possession”explores the  possible intersections between the Rapanui performative tradition and the language of physical theater as a compass , an idea that arises in the heart of La Huella Teatro, which since its beginning, paves the way in the search for languages, placing value on the performing arts with a territorial identity.

Meanwhile, on Wednesday, July 24 (8:00 p.m.) the celebration continues with an Recognition event for the acclamed director, playwright and actor, Gustavo Meza, who was one of the teachers of stage training of the director of La Huella Teatro, who will visit the north of the country to receive this award for its great contribution in the beginning of the antofagastine company and for its key role in the development of theater in regions. Meza will also offer a Master Class for young students from the region. “Celebrating with Gustavo Meza is very important. Without him, none of this story would be told. The destiny was drawn clearly since he advised me to stay in Antofagasta, and to create from this trench. So it is important. And because he is a human being who has a lot to provide. It is important to celebrate his life, his career and ours together ”, expresses Alejandra Rojas.

Finally, on Thursday July 25th, this cycle of activities will end with the release of the new creation of La Huella Teatro, which is called “Primera patria. Or where I forgot my rabbit ”, which will take place at the Municipal Theater of Antofagasta at 8:30 pm. In this regard, the director of La Huella Teatro expresses:“ We have been in a residence in Santiago, creating -in a stage research laboratory- during four months, investigating languages and opening ourselves to a work without text, a work that will be released in a single performance”.

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