International Identidades Festival of Performing Arts in the Atacama Desert, opens 2020 call for stage residency at L ARIA in Corsica, France.

Through a collaboration agreement with the Cultural Corporation La Huella Teatro, this artistic residence is opened in an exceptional place: the Island of Corsica.

The residency will be in the French language, so this call is for actors who are fluent in that language.

The call opens today, Monday, February 17 and ends on March 14, 2020 at 5:00

XXIII International Theater Meetings in Corsica / ARIA

What does it consist of?

Theatrical production experience: Divided into different groups that they themselves have chosen, students will have the opportunity to discover different aspects of the scene, through various projects, ranging from classical to contemporary theater, or even dance in open spaces (fields, church front yard, town square) or in A Stazzona.

This year Serge Nicolaï will be together with Laurent Brethome, Cécile Feuillet, Carine Goron, Olivier Letellier, François Rancillac, Oscar Sisto and Lisa Toromanian.

This 28-day course allows a full immersion by addressing all phases of performances production; it promotes the comparison of experiences, professional integration and continous education for the actor and the technician, but also the discovery for amateurs.

The presence of international professionals contributes to the exchange of knowledge in the interest of cultural diversity.

This internship can be a starting point for attendance, staging, or taking responsibility for arts education, culture, and popular education. 

The uniqueness of this meeting: Learning in an exceptional environment

Without a doubt, what makes this course unique is the exceptional environment in which it takes place. Everything takes place outdoors, under the chestnut and oak trees with the mountains as a backdrop. This is in line with Aria’s philosophy of popular education, inculcated by its president Robin Renucci.

1. Nature

The course takes place in the open air in the Regional Natural Park of Corsica, in the Giussani valley, in four typical villages, in ancient forests and nature as a natural backdrop. Hence, a direct relationship with the territory, its customs, its inhabitants and its culture is possible.

2. The pedagogical multiplicity

Each student has the option of working with two of the seven confirmed speakers proposed on two different days. Seven ways to approach the theater.

The encounters offer the possibility of discovering or rediscovering a classic or contemporary repertoire, French-speaking or not.

3. Public retribution

Each work will be done in public, under exhibition conditions. Each student will have the opportunity to face a real audience at least eight times (four times each restitution).

4. The human and collective mixture

People from all spheres of life, professionals and amateurs, teachers and social workers, health personnel, educators and cultural mediators, students from all over the world can participate in the course without previous requirements. Meetings open up to equal collaboration, where the art of awkwardness makes sense.

CALL 2020

Responsibilities of Identidades Festival, Aria and Resident 

Identidades Festival will take care of:

Selection of actor or actress.

Organize the invitation letter through Aria for application to a public fund by the student.

Coordination with Aria Residence Center in France.

Aria Residence Center will provide:

Aria will take care of the resident’s food (three meals a day) and accommodation (in shared rooms) during their stay in Corsica.

It will also provide all transportation from the moment of arrival in Corsica.

The Resident will take care of:

Transfers from Chile to Corsica.

Subscription to the L’ARIA Association (€ 25) which is mandatory.


Speak french

Actor or actress, student or graduate actor.

Older than 18 years-old.

Willingness to work as a team and in community.


  1. Currículum Vitae.
  2. Letter of interest.
  3. Signed letter of commitment, detailing the responsibilities of the resident.
  4. Valid passport.

Send all the documents in a single PDF to the mail: identidadesfestival@gmail.com

identidades Festival Team

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