A research carried out on the archaeological findings referring to the mummification of the Chinchorro and Lican Antai Cultures, is a contemporary vision of the Andean worldview, which as a play offers a look of respect towards the native peoples.

What our ancestors considered sacred, will it be destroyed with laughter and without secrecy by the claws of evil animals? There is no correct answer and ours is an invitation to reflection. A country that does not look back has no memory. And without memory … a people cannot progress.


While he digs the hole where the pool promised to his grandson will be built, the grandfather finds more than dirt in each shovel. The finding in his backyard will be the start of a journey that will move dust, time and space. And he will have the privilege of entering the place where only one way is accessed: Death.

In the hands of the old man will be the final destination that the ancients traced for their families.

This trip will be an opportunity to be part of the history that is kept underground, where the origin is, from where the “ancient eye” observes us: where the journey of our ancestors, despite everything, continues.

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