Botitas Negras is the result of in the field research process carried out between 2003 and 2004, in the city of Calama, Antofagasta Region, about the story of the animita of the popular “Botitas Negras”, a well-known prostitute in the calameño bohemian environment.

Her murder -in the year 1969- shook the entire province of El Loa because of the cruelty with which she was dismembered. Her murderers were never found, leaving it with impunity to this day.


The story is told in fragments that are spinning together coherently, through the story of the dead people who knew her and that are outlining her, both psychologically and physically, without being seen on the scene directly and, on the other hand, through filmed interviews conducted directly on the street, to contemporary people who talk about the story and remember the urban myth.

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