Bitchakma (in kunza means “the trip to the sea”) is a play told in a children’s format, telling the story of a shepherd girl who wants to know the sea and whose adventure is accompanied by a group of animals belonging to the Andean fauna, most of them in danger of extinction: the vicuña, the puma, the flamingo, the vizcacha and the foxes. The creation of the dramatic text and the staging of Bitchakma were carried out by La Huella Teatro and the dramaturgy corresponds to Amarilis Rojas.

The staging includes the presence of three live musicians, who are telling the story together with the storyteller or narrator represented by an Andean fairy.


In a place at the foot of the volcano on the heights of the altiplano, there is a very small town that does not appear on the maps. A magical place. A shepherd girl, a flamingo, a cougar, a vicuña and a viscacha live in it. The girl is looking forward to know the sea in which she is accompanied by the animals to which she has given loving care.

To reach their destination, this group of travelers will have to face various situations, which they will overcome through teamwork, discovering the talents of each one of them. Finally, they manage to reach the sea and celebrate in a great carnival with the moon as a witness to their feat. It congratulates them for avoiding the problems on the road and wishes them a very Merry Christmas and, as a gift, thousands of shooting stars are reflected in the sea.

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