Baile Ausente de un Arcángel (Absent Dance from an Archangel) arises from creative work from the research carried out by the Company regarding the Virgin of Guadalupe of Ayquina Festivity, crossed with the theme of the disappearance of people and those who are looking for them.


Mariano is missing; nobody has seen or spoken to him. Days go by and there is no news of his whereabouts. Benilda, his only sister and family, has looked for him by land and sea, without obtaining any results. But Benilda still has a single hope of finding Mariano in ” la Virgen de Guadalupe de Ayquina Festivity”, of which her brother is a devoted promesante and dancer of the Diablada.

Benilda knows that Mariano would not miss this appointment. This is how she starts a trip to that town, hoping to find her brother, although ignoring that this place, will also witness reunions that the protagonist never imagined possible.

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