Allqu Yana or why black dogs are better is the result of in the field research that the company carried out in the town of Ollagüe, Antofagasta Region, where it rescued this Andean story of the ritual of death. This tradition, which is passing from generation to generation, believes in the journey of the soul of the deceased to the afterlife, accompanied by a black dog and its subsequent sacrifice.


Allqu Yana, is a staging that tells the story of a magical town located between volcanoes, inhabited by different characters who have arrived there in strange ways. They show the ritual of the black dog in an entertaining way, through the incorporation of dances, choreography, using different theatrical resources such as masks, live musical instruments and dolls.

The music is original and, in addition to incorporating some texts in Quechua, it seeks public attention with a street parade prior to each performance.

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